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Centry Air Design specializes in providing top-tier HVAC solutions, ensuring optimal air quality and temperature control for both residential and commercial spaces. Our commitment to innovative design and energy efficiency sets us apart, offering our clients reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems tailored to their specific needs

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Home Exterior
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Residential HVAC 

Centry Air Designs Inc. is all about keeping your home cool and comfy with our HVAC systems. Whether you have window air conditioners, a ductless mini split, or other AC units, our team is here to help.

We offer everything from putting in new equipment to fixing what you already have. We make sure that hot air stays out and cool, fresh outdoor air keeps flowing in. Our services are cost-effective, which means they can help lower your energy bill in the long term.

Plus, we're experts at checking air filters and controlling humidity levels, so your indoor air quality is always great. Need a service call for ac repair services or appliance repair? Our team members are skilled in providing efficient air conditioning solutions that work well for your home. Choose Centry Air Designs for dependable, energy-efficient home HVAC services that ensure your comfort in any weather.


Commercial HVAC

Welcome to HVAC Centry Air Designs Inc! We specialize in custom commercial HVAC systems. Our team has extensive knowledge about different types of AC units. These include window air conditioners, portable air conditioners, and ductless mini split systems.

Our main goal is to make sure your place has great indoor air quality and stays cool without using too much energy. This is good for your energy bill and helps you save money in the long term. Need a new or fixed air conditioning system? Our team will help you find affordable and space-saving solutions.

We're also great at appliance repair and ac repair services. Our skilled HVAC team offers affordable and reliable solutions for indoor and outdoor air systems.

When you reach out to us for a service, we will be there to assist you. We ensure the air in your space is perfect and regulate humidity levels, important for homes and businesses. Count on us for reliable and efficient solutions that meet all your HVAC needs

HVAC Centry Air Design

HVAC Repair

Welcome to HVAC Centry Air Designs Inc! We're not just any HVAC contractor; we're your friendly neighborhood experts in all things related to air conditioners and HVAC systems. Our team is skilled in handling a variety of AC units – whether it's a classic window unit, a handy portable air conditioner, or a state-of-the-art ductless mini split system, we've got the expertise to help.

Our primary goal is to ensure your comfort, keeping your home cool and comfy, indoors and outdoors, no matter how hot the outdoor air gets. We understand that it can be tough to handle hot air, but we have designed our effective air conditioning solutions to handle it. We utilize cost-effective, energy-saving techniques not only to ease the strain on your wallet but also to benefit the environment. This approach is especially helpful in managing your energy bill, ensuring you get the best performance without any unnecessary expenses.

If you're in need of HVAC repair, ac repair services, or even appliance repair, we're here to help. We're dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in air flow and air quality. This means regularly checking and replacing your air filter, a crucial step in preserving good indoor air quality and managing humidity levels in your home. Proper humidity control is essential, not just for comfort, but for maintaining a healthy environment too.

Our services also include comprehensive consultations and installations. Need a new air conditioner installed? We’ll guide you through selecting the perfect ac system for your needs, ensuring it's both powerful enough to handle your space and energy-efficient to keep your utility bills low.

Remember, we craft our efficient air conditioning solutions to reduce your long-term utility bills and keep you cool and comfortable in the long term. So, whether it's a routine service call, regular maintenance, or an unexpected issue, don't hesitate to reach out to us. With HVAC Centry Air Designs, you’re in safe hands. You can rely on us to keep you cool and comfortable all year round, ensuring your HVAC system runs smoothly and efficiently.

HVAC Contactor 

Welcome to HVAC Centry Air Designs Inc! We are your friendly neighborhood experts for all kinds of HVAC system needs, dedicated to ensuring that your home or office is always comfortable, no matter the season.

Do you have an air conditioner at home that's not cooling properly? Or maybe you're in the market for new AC units, like energy-saving window air conditioners, convenient portable air conditioners, or even the modern ductless mini split systems?

Look no further. Our team members are not only skilled in installations and repairs but are also committed to improving your indoor air quality. We know clean air is important, so we improve the air in your home or office.

We specialize in tackling the challenges of both hot air in the summer and the need to stay warm during winter. Our efficient air conditioning solutions are not only effective but also cost-effective. This means you can enjoy a comfortable indoor climate while also saving on your energy bill and utility bills over the long term. We designed our energy-saving approach to provide you with the best value for your investment.

In addition to cooling and heating, we're experts at maintaining optimal air flow in both indoor and outdoor spaces. This includes regular checks and maintenance of your air filter, ensuring that your system runs smoothly and efficiently. Our expertise also extends to appliance repair, covering a wide range of services to keep your home appliances in top condition.

Need a service call for your residential HVAC services? Whether it's a routine check-up, an urgent repair, or a complete system overhaul, reach out to us, your trusted HVAC contractor. We are committed to providing reliable and efficient solutions that will keep you cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and comfortable all year round. Our team is always ready to address your concerns and offer personalized solutions tailored to your specific needs.

At HVAC Centry Air Designs Inc, we pride ourselves on our professionalism, expertise, and customer-centric approach. Let us be your go-to solution for all HVAC-related challenges. Contact us today and experience the difference in quality and service!"

This expanded version elaborates on the services provided, emphasizing customer care, expertise, and the wide range of solutions offered by HVAC Centry Air Designs Inc

HVAC Centry Air


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• Duct and Coil Cleaning
• Appliance Repair
• Preventive Maintenance

I recived ángel air conditioning reparation from this Company. The installer Alex make me a great job. Congratulations Centry Air Designer.
The technician is very knowledgeable in our system. He handled the repair efficiently. The office staff is attentive and responds in a timely manner to phone calls and returns calls right away. Overall the company is great and they have been able to handle our very sophisticated VRF systems.
I have used Centry for two AC installations and a repair, and their team is always very responsive and ready to complete the work ASAP! Great, professional customer service

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