Split Systems

These units are the classic and iconic AC that we’re all familiar with. Split systems are composed of two main parts, there’s the evaporator coil which is usually tucked underneath a cabinet in your home then there’s metal case which contains the condenser coil. An evaporator coil removes heat and moisture from your inside your home. On the other hand, condenser coils release heat while the compressor pumps refrigerant between both coils. Thus, cold air produced by the unit is then circled through home via a network of ducts in your home. Split systems are quite economical in that they share the same duct network as the furnace and can therefore work more efficiently. Still not sure? Check out the pros and cons below.

Split Systems



Compared to traditional AC, split systems are more convenient as far as installation goes. We don’t have to put a large hole in your wall or perform elaborate duct-work for the split system to run. Moreover, our technicians can install the units in your garage or shed saving you space. A split system is also easy to maintain due to its washable filters.

Noise Level

Customers love how this AC type is virtually noiseless since only the air blowing part is located inside the home.

Energy Efficiency

A technician will assess your home and install your split system in the most efficient place. As a result, cool air will stay in your home instead of escaping through drafts. Thermostats work optimally with these types of units since they’re efficient in both cold and hot settings.


Improper Installation

A split system that is not properly installed by authorized technicians could violate your unit’s warranty. Above all, customers will find themselves constantly needing repairs due to improper installation.


Split systems may not be the right unit for you if you live in a tall building or high-rise apartment.

Price Point

Customers might find that split systems have a higher price tag upfront. The good news is that the monthly savings from utilities and lower maintenance cost requirements far outweigh the price point. A customer service expert is ready to find the perfect split system for you today, give us a call for a free estimate (305) 458-5022!