Air Conditioners – Frequently Asked Questions

While you don’t need to be an expert, it pays to know a few key facts about your air conditioner to make sure the process runs smoothly.

Air Conditioners & You
  1. What should I know before calling to make an appointment?

Make a note of the model/serial numbers on your current unit. Be ready to talk about the structure of your home. This is especially important in helping your contractor determine the proper system type and size, among other necessary components.

2. Should I replace or repair my unit?

This one can be tricky. The saying “all things age like wine fine” does not apply to air conditioners, in fact if your unit is 10 years or older it should probably be replaced. If you find yourself constantly needing repairs, you might need it replaced. Of course our experts can save you the headache with a free inspection.

Filters Are Friends

3. How often should I change my filter?

This question has many answers, it really depends on the number and type of occupants in your home. If you have many occupants, pets, or somebody with allergies than you should change it monthly. If you have a decent size family and maybe a pet than you can probably slide by changing it every 3 months. However, if you’re a single occupant in a small home or apartment, you can really worry about changing it twice a year.

Air Conditioners Meme

4. Why change my air filter frequently?

Ah, the age old debate. Changing your air filter frequently will not only improve your air quality dramatically but it could also reduce your electric bills. Also, it could prevent your air conditioners from malfunctioning thus saving you hundreds on repairs.

Tune In

5. What exactly is a tune-up?

This can vary from company to company, but generally speaking it’s a service in which our technician inspects your AC and makes fine tuning changes. This could include anything from coil cleanings to topping off refrigerant.

6. How often should I get my air conditioners serviced?

Although a tune-up can be scheduled as necessary, we recommend you get them before the summer & winter starts. These seasons test your AC unit’s mettle and it’s best to make sure your AC is running as well as possible. This avoids otherwise expensive repairs, and luckily we have coverage plans. Contact us for more details!