Air Conditioning Services

Centry Air Designs has been in the AC field for 30+ years now. From repairs to installations, we know all the ins and outs of air conditioning services.  Additionally, our background checked technicians are certified to work on all types of AC systems. Whether it’s a duct-work job or a split system installation, we got you covered! Also, did you know? Centry Air Designs offers free estimates, financing, & same day service. Read below for our service highlights.

Air Conditioning Services - Stock

AC Installations

Need a unit for your new home or business or want to replace an existing one? If your unit is 10+ years or older you probably want to change it out. Rather than pay extra money on utilities you could save thousands by replacing your unit. Got a favorite brand or don’t know which to pick? While many customers are familiar with certain brands, our customer service experts we’ll have the perfect recommendation if you’re not sure.

AC Repair

If your AC is not cooling or heating properly, you might need a repair. Luckily our technicians work around the clock 24/7 in the case that you need your AC fixed. Due to the nature of changing weather, these effects can affect the performance of your air conditioner. The summer & winter seasons especially will put a strain on your AC units so if something happens give us a call!

Air Duct Cleaning

Does your home feel stuffy or are you have problems with moisture? Air duct cleanings should be performed from time to time, they improve the overall indoor quality in your home. Also, they save you money because your AC won’t have to work as hard as opposed to if they were all clogged up. Schedule one today.

AC Maintenance 

Maintenance is the key to improving the lifetime of your AC unit. Not only do scheduled services improve unit lifetime but they could also save you hundreds on expensive repairs.