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Want updates on the latest happenings on HVAC? You’ve come to the right AC blog. Every week we’ll highlight new product releases, tips & tricks, & other fun AC tidbits. While air conditioners can seem complicated at first, a little know-how will help you as a consumer make better decisions for your home. Also, we’ll be sharing tips & tricks to help you get the most out of your system. Finally, we’ll also be putting fun posts from time to time dealing with the history of AC & interesting facts. Don’t forget to call us for any and all air conditioning needs at (305) 458-5022!

Product Highlights

There are a lot of brands out there, it’s hard for our customers to really know the difference between many. Even more vast is the types of products on the AC market. For this reason, we’ll be highlighting the pros & cons of different brands & their products. Don’t know the difference between a coil or a capacitor? No problem, we’ll discuss things like that too in our weekly product posts.

Tips & Tricks

Sometimes a little work can go a long way, from changing filters to adjusting your thermostat at optimal settings. Although some things like changing your filter are obvious for the health of your unit, there are other not so well known tricks. Our technicians will share their top tricks & hacks so that you can get the most out of your unit. Also, there will be seasonal advice so that you can adjust from summer to winter.

Centry Corner

Ever wondered just where & how people came up with the ideas for an AC? Or maybe you’re just curious about how air conditioners have been used throughout history. We’ll be telling the story of AC in various installments & how it has shaped our society. Here you’ll find fun tidbits ranging from historical anecdotes to galleries of vintage AC ads.

AC blog